What Plants Can Do

We're building a better future – one drinkable idea at a time.

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Every now and then, people ask what makes us tick. And since we’ve been venturing all over the globe lately (hey, Australia + U.K.!), we thought it’s a good time to share what’s behind Califia Farms.

In a word: plants.

We all know our planet needs a healthier, more sustainable food system. And so do our bodies. At Califia Farms, we believe there’s one solution — and it’s growing all around us, all the time.

Plants can do nourishment. And energy. Plants can do social responsibility. And Direct Trade. Plants can do creamy or spicy or tart or sweet. And if you need it in a grab-and-go single serve, plants can do that, too. What we’re trying to say is: plant can feed our future.

We’re crafting that plant-based future every day. Combining ancient ingredients, modern techniques and just a touch of ingenuity to make it more sustainable, accessible, healthy, nourishing and more delicious than ever before.

That’s how we created the world’s first dairy-free, nitrogen-infused cold brew latte in a bottle. And a trio of homestyle nutmilks with ingredients short and simple enough to include right here. (Nuts, oat bran, sea salt, coconut cream — and that’s all she wrote.) And Almondmilk powered by maca root and plant protein. 

These are not just beverages. They’re a new way to see food. Created through plant-based innovation, sourced responsibly, and thoughtfully crafted to nourish you and yours — and to inspire the world with the wisdom of a plant-based lifestyle.

Because that’s what will lead to a healthier food system for our planet and all the people on it. We believe plants have bottomless potential. Which means: so do we.

At Califia Farms, we’re on mission to find out What Plants Can Do. And we’re sharing it with you through our new campaign, rolling out from LA to SF to NYC, from subway stations to grocery stores, from content on MindBodyGreenGreatist, and Food52 to videos that meet you where you are on social media. 

And we’re just getting started. Changing the future of food happens one step at a time. So we’re going to keep trading directly to improve the quality of ingredients and the quality of life. We’ll keep inspiring with innovation. And we’ll continue doling out idea after drinkable idea, designed for everyone, everywhere. Because we know it all comes down to: the more delicious plants are, the more people crave them, the better the future looks.

It’s a tall order, but together, we’ll make it happen.