Blackcurrant and Apple Hand Pies

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There's nothing like the smell of fresh pastry in the air! Bring Autumn flavours into your home with this tasty recipe from @lucy_and_lentils.

Hand Pies



For the Shortcrust Pastry

300 g plain flour

1 1/2 tbsp caster sugar

1 tsp salt

120 g plant based butter cubed at room temperature


For the filling

2 apples (any will work but I used cooking apples)

80g blackberries or any seasonal berry

1 tsp cinnamon

80ml Califia Oat Milk

2 tbsp brown sugar


Hand pies glaze

3 tbsp Califia Farms Unsweetened Oat Drink

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 tsp sugar



For the pastry

In a large bowl mix the flour, salt and caster sugar together then add the cubed plant based butter. Bring together using your hands or a silicone spatula.

Mix and fold together until a smooth ball of pastry has formed, then place back in the bowl, cover and leave to rest in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes.


For the filling

Simply add all of the ingredients to a pan and bring to a medium heat to simmer for around 6-7 minutes, then set aside.

Once the pastry has chilled, take out of the fridge and roll out to form a sheet of pastry less than 1cm thick.

Using a cookie cutter, cut out 12 circles (this will create 6 pies) and then spoon on 1 tbsp of the filling to 6 of the pastry circles.

Score an x in the middle of the remaining 6 pastry circles, then brush with the glazing ingredients, sprinkling sugar on top then layer over to create the hand pie.